Your Hawkeye MINDSET Team

Dr. Kenneth Reid

Trader, Coach & Educator

Dr. Kenneth Reid is a seasoned trader, trading coach and educator with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Reid began trading for his own account in 1996. In 2001 he was hired by a financial company in Connecticut as a model portfolio manager, newsletter editor and market strategist. Dr. Reid retired in 2012 to pursue his trading and coaching practice full time.

Dr. Reid began coaching traders in 2002, working one-on-one with bank and hedge fund traders/managers, as well as aspiring private traders seeking to advance themselves. An expert in the field of trading psychology, Dr. Reid has the ability to quickly identify the core issues that hold traders back, and, more importantly, help traders fix them.

As a trader himself, his advice is pragmatic and designed to optimize the real-time decision-making process in a risk environment.

Dr. Reid has a waiting list for his one-on-one coaching services. In order to reach a wider audience, he developed the Hawkeye Mastermind Training an accessible, self-paced study program designed to give every trader the personal insight they need to “get out of their own way” and reach their full potential.  

A Message from Dr. Reid…

“Within each trader is a passion for excellence and mastery that is often undermined by the emotional and instinctive reactions that naturally arise in a high-risk environment. Frankly, 95% of traders are unprepared to deal with these issues successfully on their own. And sadly, only a few ever ask for help.

Is it pride? Or just the fact that men rarely “ask for directions”?

The modern trading environment is highly competitive. Like my sport, tennis, it is a game of errors. The player who makes the fewest errors wins.

My intention is to help YOU identify your blind spots, the ways in which you inadvertently sabotage your success, over and over. To that end, with the Hawkeye Mastermind Training I am proud to offer you the most comprehensive experiential learning program available anywhere for traders.

I’m 100% convinced that taking this Journey of Self-Discovery will help you build the clarity, consistency and confidence necessary for success in our modern markets.”