Trading is a performance sport. 

On the hard right edge of a moving chart, it’s no longer about theory or analysis. It’s about the ability to think and act effectively and efficiently under pressure. This is the difference between an amateur and a professional… in sports and in trading. It’s the difference between a losing or break-even trader and a consistently profitable trader. So how do you increase consistency?

I’ll give you an example from the world of sports.  


I play competitive tennis at the club level. My coach once said: “At your level of play, 80% of the points are lost, not won.” He was not trying to insult me… he was simply pointing out that aspiring tennis players are more at risk of beating ourselves than losing to the person across the net. The same principle applies to trading.

20 years ago, Mark Douglas described four primary ways that traders sabotage our own success. I believe that there are more than a hundred ways to screw up. 

Even with the best software in the world, trading success is 90% psychological. So how can we improve in a systematic way?    


Most traders hear a critical inner voice when they make a ‘stupid’ mistake. Modern peak performance research, however, has proven that a punitive attitude regarding mistakes is counterproductive.

Much better results are achieved by shifting ones attention from one’s goal (Outcome) to one’s Process. And even better results come from maintaining a positive attitude in regard to the inevitable mistakes. This cultivates excellence faster and with much less stress. 

The performance secret that turbo-charges excellence, however, is to break down tasks into small chunks… clearly defined behaviors and skills… and then to intentionally practice them until they can be executed perfectly. It’s like grooving a tennis stroke into muscle memory. It sounds easy, but fewer than 1 in 100 traders actually takes the time to consciously practice skills. And that’s why so few succeed. 


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